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Graduating Teen Girls Wellness Workshop

February 22: 6-8pm or March 11th: 6:30-8:30pm. Cost: $100

Invite your friends to join with you. Refreshments/Snacks proided. 

(minimum 4 to run workshop, max 10)

In this 2 hour 1x Workshop: You will work on exploring your Narrative (Story) through creative writing and art journaling. Through the process you will embrace your story so that you can focus on a positive life moving forward and envision goals unfolding for your life.


Women's Wellness Mini Retreat

May 5th: 2-5pm. Cost $120  Ages 18+

Starts at Hudson Gardens then ends @ In Tea, Downtown Littleton

Refresh and Recharge your mind and body with a

Mindfulness walk, Processing & Meditation, Holistic Tea Connection, and Creative Art Journaling.

Bring your friends and your adult daughters. Make it a girls day.


Mother & Daughter  Mindfulness & Bonding

Opportunity to destress with your daughter and practice some mindfulness and self awareness through calming exercises , art journaling, and emotional attunment .  If not able to attend next group workshop its also Scheduled per family. 1.5 hours.





Let's Talk About the Barbie Movie

1x Workshop for 10-12 year old girls to talk about some of the themes from the Barbie movie about Empowering Girls. 

Workshop includes, discussion, journaling, and some art affirmation interventions. 

If interested , Email to find out when next workshop is. 



Young Adult Women Coaching & Workshops 

Providing individual coaching sessions for young adult women (18-25ish) as well as workshops of the following topics:

  • Boundaries with Dating and Friendships

  • What's Your Story: Identify Your Narrative & Goals Through Art Journaling

  • Take Charge of Your Thoughts: Manage Anxiety & Overthinking

  • Embracing You and Your Singleness

Body Image Support Group 

This group is based on the Body Project curriculum and is a committed 4 week group. It incorporates wellness and meditation and is offered as the following: 

  • Mother/ Teen Daughter (13-18) Support Group 
  • Teen Girls Group 14-18
  • Young Adult Female Age 18-25

Contact us to find out when the next series is. 

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