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Tween Girls (4th & 5th grade) Wellness Workshop

April 30th: 6:30-8pm Cost: $50

(minimum 4 to run workshop, max 10)

In this 1x Workshop: Your daughter will do some art journaling identifying stressors and coping methods and self affirmations, along with discussion about peer issues and how to problem solve and use assertive communication.

(no requirement to talk if your daughter is shy)

Women's Wellness Mini Retreat

May 5th: 2-5pm. Cost $100  Ages 18+

Starts at Hudson Gardens then ends @ In Tea, Downtown Littleton

Refresh and Recharge your mind and body with a

Mindfulness walk, Processing & Meditation, Holistic Tea Connection, and Creative Art Journaling.

Bring your friends and your adult daughters. Make it a girls day.


Mother & Daughter  Mindfulness & Bonding

Opportunity to destress with your daughter and practice some mindfulness and self awareness through calming exercises , art journaling, and emotional attunment .  If not able to attend next group workshop its also Scheduled per family. 1.5 hours.





Let's Talk About the Barbie Movie

1x Workshop for 10-12 year old girls to talk about some of the themes from the Barbie movie about Empowering Girls. 

Workshop includes, discussion, journaling, and some art affirmation interventions. 

If interested , Email to find out when next workshop is. 



Young Adult Women Coaching & Workshops 

Providing individual coaching sessions for young adult women (18-25ish) as well as workshops of the following topics:

  • Boundaries with Dating and Friendships

  • What's Your Story: Identify Your Narrative & Goals Through Art Journaling

  • Take Charge of Your Thoughts: Manage Anxiety & Overthinking

  • Embracing You and Your Singleness

Body Image Support Group 

This group is based on the Body Project curriculum and is a committed 4 week group. It incorporates wellness and meditation and is offered as the following: 

  • Mother/ Teen Daughter (13-18) Support Group 
  • Teen Girls Group 14-18
  • Young Adult Female Age 18-25

Contact us to find out when the next series is. 

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