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April Thompson, M.S, LMFT

Founder, April Thompson is a Colorado Native. She has a Masters in Clinical Psychology from Vanguard University and is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist specializing with children and families. She has extensive years of experience providing therapy with families and youth in school settings, in-home and outpatient services, residential group homes for abused and neglected children and adolescents, and foster-care agencies. She graduated in 2002 with her Masters and practiced in California for 17 years. Her private practice Spero Family Services was founded in 2008. She moved back to Colorado in 2017 where she currently practices in Downtown Littleton. 


SPERO:  Latin word 'To HOPE For'

The power of hope is in your hands and we will assist you in achieving what you ‘hope for’ in regards to your family. Spero Family Services’ mission is to assist parents in developing nurturing bonds with their children in order to foster healthy development for their children. This can be provided through Family Therapy, Individual Child and/or Play Therapy, and Parent Education Services. 

Girl BU

Girl BU is a division of Spero Family Services that focuses on transitioning for girls into tween and teenhood as well becoming young adults (18-25). This is provided through Individual Therapy and Coaching, Family Therapy, Groups and Workshops. 


  Providing Parent Coaching, Education, and Family Therapy for:

Parental Fatigue: and/or frustration, limited time due to both parents working, single parents, conflicting parenting styles, family crises, family structure and routine issues, grieving a loss or death in the family

Child Bonding: with foster or adopted children, blended step families, divorce, or joint custody

Children with Disorders: such as ADHD, Oppositional Defiance, Depression, Autism, Anxiety Disorders

Defiant Children: temper tantrums, problems going to bed, aggression, lying, stealing, property destruction, poor school performance

Children with poor social skills: peer or sibling conflicts, bullying, poor manners, disruptive public behavior

Children and Adolescents dealing with life stressors: bullying, teasing, peer pressure, parental divorce, sibling rivalry, dating issues

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