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Most services are covered by Insurance

Individual Child or 

Play Therapy

Providing Child Therapy with option of Play Therapy focus for children ages 3 to 12, boys and girl​s. Experience working with many issues including ADHD, Adoption, Autism, Anxiety, Depression, Behavioral Defiance, Child Abuse and many others. 

Family Therapy

Offering Family Therapy either as a sole service or in conjunction with the Child Therapy for families with children of focus 18 years and under. We work with intact, split, and blended families.  

Individual Tween, Teen, Young Adult Female Therapy  

Specializing with Girls transitioning into tween and becoming teenagers as well as empowering them to become healthy young adults. Experience with issues of anxiety, depression, self harm, suicidal behavior, and the stresses and drama of being a girl. Providing individual as well as group therapy. 

 Parent Consultation/ Parent Coaching and Education

 Working with expecting, new, adoptive, and experienced parents. Addressing various issues and offering bonding, reunification, and behavioral interventions. Sessions offered in-office or in-home. Also offer a Phone-in Parent Support Option.

Groups and Workshops

For more information on our support and therapy groups click on the Group Tab. Offering an ongoing Teen Girls Stress Management Group, periodic Middle School Girls Group, Tween Girls Workshop, and Body Image Wellness Group.  Also offer parenting workshops and the Tween Girls workshop in the community. 

School Based Observational Sessions

Concerned about your child's behavior in a school or daycare setting? With permission of the school/daycare, offering observational sessions to monitor the behaviors of concern and identify potential reasons behind the behaviors and interventions to address them with the staff, caregivers, and with you as parents.  


    Individual and Family Therapy service fees are according to your insurance plan or with flexible out     

    of pocket rates. For Parent Education services it is based on an individual family basis to develop a 

    plan that works best for the needs of the family. Parent coaching services usually takes at least four 

    weeks with two to three sessions a week to get the most results. We take most insurance plans, but you

    will need to check with your plan to see if the services you choose are covered.

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